Friday, 5 June 2015

Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

I wanted to find a moisturizer suitable for Sera that did not have a strong smell and did not cost a lot. Sera had a bit of eczema on her inner elbows which required constant moisturizing to prevent it from getting worse. 

From what I know, Sera needed oil to improve the skin condition of her inner elbow. I read that Argan oil was good for eczema and was the hype in recent years. However, it was also very expensive. I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I found out that olive oil was also good for the skin. 

A few months ago, we went to Mustafa shopping centre and the trip proved fruitful. Mustafa sold many brands of hand cream and body lotion which were not commonly available at other retail stores. They also sold real bottled olive oil that was meant to be used on the body but I didn't really want to smear oil on Sera's inner elbow since my hands will also get oily in the process (even though the oil would most likely be absorbed quickly). Fortunately, this was not the only option available. We also found some hand creams and body lotions made from olive oil at Mustafa. In the end, we decided on the Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream. If I remembered correctly, Mustafa also sold the Inecto Pure Olive body lotion made from olive oil. However, Sera preferred a creamier texture, so we bought this.

Ingredient list 
This Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream contained urea which was a humectant used in many creams that were also prescribed by some doctors for dry skin conditions. The main ingredient - olive fruit oil - was listed somewhere in the middle of the ingredient list. Hence the amount of olive oil used in this product should be somewhere in the middle, that is, not too much and not too little. The ingredients in a product list were usually given in descending order of the amount of ingredients used. 

This Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream had a nice scent that was not overpowering. Upon application, it was easily absorbed into the skin and did not feel oily. We had been applying this Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream on Sera's inner elbows every day, once or twice daily. The skin condition of her inner elbows did improve. A few days ago, she went swimming and the skin on her inner elbows became too dry again with redness as we did not apply the cream immediately after shower. However, after applying this Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream consistently twice a day, for 4 days, her inner elbows are now okay. They were no longer dry and red.

Inecto Pure Olive Intensive Hand & Nail Cream costs less than $5 and was sold in tubes of 75 ml. I would think this is a gem as we have not seen this in any other retail stores in Singapore.

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