Sunday, 22 January 2017

707 Water Heater - Princeton

Our Europace Multi-point Instant Water Heater EWH138 started to leak water 3 weeks ago after about 4.5 years of usage. We were considering whether to call Europace or just get a new water heater. Upon checking the warranty, we realized that it covered only the heating element for 5 years. So, we reckoned that it would be better to just get it replaced. We were actually quite disappointed that it did not last as long as our previous storage water heater (Ariston, lasted 11 years).

Once again, we began our search for new water heaters. This time round, we wanted to buy a more trusted/old brand. Comments online for their water heaters had been mostly good.

I checked from the Gain City website that they do sell 707 water heaters. It so happened that Gain City was having their best electric sale at the Singapore Expo and so we went there.

Once we got into the expo hall, we went to the section that sold 707 water heaters. Initially we wanted another storage water heater because we were concerned that  there might be an installation problem if we chose the instant water heater. The promoter reassured us that, for our case, we can change to an instant water heater because we have a switch outside each bathroom that can control the individual water heater. However, we would still need to get a plumber to get the pipes changed/re-routed.

We figured that the cost of replacement for an instant water heater is cheaper in the long run. There are more choices for instant water heaters with relatively lower prices compared to storage water heaters. Another factor was that if one water heater fails, we would still have another one in the other bathroom to use.

We bought this 707 Instant Water Heater - Princeton - upon the strong recommendation of the promoter. This water heater came with temperature and water pressure control knobs and a rotatable shower Sliding Kit complemented with the unique Oracle-Slim Rain Shower Head. The promoter told us that he himself had one installed in his own home. Once you used the rain shower head, you will feel the difference. This heater was available in seven colours. We chose purple.

We had this Princeton water heater installed in the bathroom of our master bedroom. The plumber set the temperature and water pressure/flow to the highest. He advised us to use the tap to control the water flow and temperature. It would be easier especially for Sera since she might not be able to reach the control knobs on the water heater. 

True enough, the rain shower felt great. The temperature of the water that flowed out was more consistent, unlike our previous multi-point instant water heater.

When the weather turned hotter recently, we turned the temperature knob to the 2nd marking.

We bought the Champs Instant Water Heater - Lagoon for the bathroom in the kitchen for the occasional use of hot water. I will write a separate review for that.

[S$279.00](▼31%)[707]707 Instant Water Heater - Princeton (Available in Gold / Champange / Teal Green / Purple - 2 Years Warranty)

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