Friday, 15 September 2017

Cristofori Digital Piano CDP-2

My daughter, Sera started to take a piano course last year so we needed to get a piano for her to practise. We did not want to spend too much on one as we were not sure how long her interest will continue.

As I was doing my research on pianos, I realized that an acoustic piano required a heater and needed to be tuned every 6 months or so. This would be extra maintenance and costs. A digital piano, on the other hand, cost much less than a real piano. It has volume control and has a headphone jack, so Sera can practise any time she wants.

The digital piano seemed to be the obvious choice for us.

We went to a Cristofori showroom and finally chose the Cristofori Digital Piano (CDP). CDP mimics a real piano. It has weighted keys, 3 pedals below and 88 keys. It also has many different built-in tunes, different sounds of musical instruments, and comes with a free headphone and bench. The price is about a quarter of that of an upright acoustic piano.

We agreed that it would take an expert ear to really be able to distinguish the sound from a digital piano and an acoustic piano.

So far, Sera enjoyed playing on the CDP and trying out the built in tunes at times. She also liked to play around with the various musical instrument sounds and tempo of the rythms. Her sister, Lynn would sometimes play the CDP for fun.

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