Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Rotating Makeup Organizer

I had wanted to buy a rotating makeup organizer for quite some time.  I put off the idea due to various reasons.

I finally bought one on recently.  There were 2 sizes available from the same seller, I bought the smaller one that is 22 cm by 22 cm by 28.5 cm.

Product came with an instruction manual on how to assemble. Although the manual is in Chinese, there are pictures on it as well so it should be easy to understand even if you don't read Chinese. It was easy to assemble and I can really put more stuff on it.  I liked the fact that this organizer is transparent which makes it easy to look for stuff.  It helps that it can be fully rotated, making it easy to take and put back the stuff. Rotation is smooth. Ledges in the middle can be adjusted to different heights easily.

[S$19.90](▼51%)Makeup Box Organizer Cosmetics Crystal Clear Transparent Rotating Case

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