Friday, 14 August 2015

Tefal Electric Steamer VC1401

My stainless steel steamer pot started to leak water a few weeks ago. We were considering whether to buy a new 2-tier stainless steel steamer that could be used on the stove or an electric steamer. After comparing the prices, we thought we might as well get an electric steamer with timer. Coincidentally, NTUC Xtra was having a promotion on the Tefal Electric Steamer with a sale price of $59.90 (usual price was $69.90). There were other brands on offer but the Tefal electric steamer suited our needs.

Tefal Electric Steamer VC1401
Water tank

Juice collector to be placed above the water tank
The picture directly above was taken after steaming, hence there was water in the juice collector. There should not be any water there before steaming. Water can be poured into the water tank or the water-fill drawer up to the maximum level before steaming. If more water is needed during the steaming process, we could pour it in through the water-fill drawer 

Water-fill draw

After adding water to the water tank and placing the food to be cooked in the steamer, turn on the power and set the timer to the desired time. When the timer reaches 0, it will give a "ding" sound, similar to that of a toaster oven. The maximum time is 60 minutes.

Timer with water level indicator

For cooking times of less than 15 minutes, we were advised to turn the timer to 30 minutes first, and then turn it backwards to the required time. There was once when I used the steamer with a cooking time of about 10 minutes. I followed the instructions but did not hear any "ding" sound even after the 10 minutes was up. When I checked the food, it was already well cooked but the timer did not turn at all. At first, I thought the timer was spoilt. Keeping my fingers crossed, I tried to use the steamer on another day. This time round I turned the timer to more than 30 minutes then slowly turned it back to 10 minutes. The steamer completed the steam cycle with the "ding" sound. The timer was still functioning well! Yeah!

After that, Ardon used it on another day and the timer did not turn again. However, when I used it on yet another occasion by turning the timer slowly back to 10 minutes, it worked well. So, our conclusion was not to turn the timer back too fast to less than 15 minutes.

Lower basket

Orange light appears when timer was switched on
What we loved about this was that we need not keep a lookout on any flame as compared to a stove. Water could also be added to the steamer via the water-fill drawer conveniently in the middle of the steam cycle. 

Tefal Convenient Steamer VC1401 (1 Year Singapore Warranty/SG Ready Stock)

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