Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hitachi Refrigerator R-H350P4MS

Recently, our old refrigerator's handle fell apart. We didn't want to spend money to repair it. Our heads collided with the handle of the freezer many times whenever we got up after we took things in or out of the lower compartments of the refrigerator. The doors were also very difficult to open. We didn't realize that when we tried the display set before purchase as it was not switched on then. 

It was not easy for us to find a suitable refrigerator due to space constraints. We went to Gain City on one weekend and finally purchased the Hitachi Refrigerator R-H350P4MS 2 door refrigerator. It had 2 ticks on energy efficiency. We opted for the extended warranty offered by Gain City from the second to the fifth year of purchase. This extended warranty included parts and transport costs.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-H350P4MS (SLS)

This Hitachi Refrigerator R-H350P4MS has a vegetable crisper which we could use for storing fruits. We were glad that it was big enough for our use. There was another convertible compartment that we could use for dairy/meat or vegetables depending on which position we placed it inside the refrigerator. We placed this above the vegetable crisper to store vegetables.

This new refrigerator's doors did not have handles that stuck out like our old refrigerator, so we no longer have to worry about colliding with the freezer's handle. The doors were much easier to open so our kids , especially Sera, could open it without our assistance. 

Side view of refrigerator's doors

The new freezer compartment was smaller than our old freezer, so we could not stock up too much meat and other frozen items in the freezer. It came with a portable twist ice maker and tray. This could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you looked at it. It could be removed to put more food in the freezer. However, there was nothing to hold the twist ice maker inside the freezer itself. It had to be placed on top of the transparent ice tray that came with it. It was a bit cumbersome to take ice cubes out from the freezer as we had to take the twist ice maker out first, before we could take the ice cubes from the transparent ice tray. 

The total capacity of the fridge was 283L. This was smaller than our old fridge so it was a challenge to organize the whole fridge. 

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