Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Kobo Glo Ebook Reader

Do you like to read? Do you want to have your library with you when you travel? Do you like to read anywhere and everywhere?

The Kobo Glo Ebook Reader is the answer to your wishes. 

1. It has an electronic ink (also known as e-ink) display that is readable under direct sunlight. 
2. It also has a front light which enable you to read in the dark without light shining in your face. 
3. Its e-ink display consumes very little energy so the Kobo Glo can be used for about one month before it needs to be charged. 
4.  It has an internal storage of 2 GB and can accept microSD cards up to 32 GB. That's enough for an entire library of ebooks. So you don't need to agonize over what books to bring during your vacation.
5.  It has a touchscreen for easy navigation and can be linked to your computer using a USB cable. The free Kobo Desktop software helps you to manage your Kobo library and upgrade your reader when necessary.

The Kobo Glo is similar to the (more well-known) Kindle Paperwhite. However, for people living outside the US, the Kobo Glo would be more useful since it uses the most popular ebook format, .epub. 

It can also read ebooks borrowed from libraries using Overdrive (such as the Singapore National Library). Kobo has its own ebook store where you can buy your ebooks. The prices at Kobo are slightly higher than but Kobo frequently issues discount codes so it works out to be the same.

Kobo Glo - picture taken in normal lighting in living room

Kobo Glo - picture taken under direct sunlight

Kobo Glo with front light on - picture taken in a dark room (with camera flash off)

The Kobo Glo, being an older model, has already been discontinued. Its successor is the new Kobo Glo HD.  It is almost the same as the older Kobo Glo, with the following exceptions:
1.  The Kobo Glo HD has a higher resolution display (1448 x 1072, 300 ppi) compared to the Kobo Glo (1024 x 768). This means that text is sharper and easier to read.
2. The Kobo Glo HD has more internal storage (4 GB) vs the Kobo Glo (2 GB). However, the Glo HD does not have a microSD slot. This is not such a problem because the file sizes for most ebooks are quite small. If each ebook has a file size of about 1 MB, then a 4 GB Kobo Glo HD can store about 4000 ebooks.

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